Adding live transfer leads to your marketing plan will produce a better ROI than traditional leads alone. In fact, over 75% of all sales go to the first company that speaks to the prospect. With live transfers you are connected with prospects the moment they are interested. Over 60% of businesses that utilize live transfers rate them higher than any other lead source they currently use.

Increase your profitability with live transfers from IPSLeads

  • 100% Contact Rate
  • Guaranteed Exclusivity
  • Verified Interest
  • Guaranteed Quality with 10-day return policy

One major benefit of live transfers is exclusivity. Our live transfers are sent to your company and only your company. You do not need to compete with several other companies which will significantly increase your close rates.

With a live transfer program from IPS Leads you are in the driver seat. You have the ability to speed up calls or slow down the frequency. Turn your campaigns on or off and only receive live transfers when you want them. You control all aspects of your campaign.