Diabetic Leads Pic

The Global Diabetes Care Devices and Drugs Market is expected to exceed $85 billion by 2022.  With the rapid growth, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for providers to stay ahead of the competition.  Our clients partner with us to gain the competitive edge required to be successful in this ever expanding market.  By utilizing decades of experience in lead generation and marketing in conjunction with our state-of-the art filtering algorithms, we are able to connect our clients with the ideal patient for their business to produce more sales and repeat orders.  We verify all of our diabetic leads and hot (live) transfers to insure that the patients are actively seeking the diabetic supplies, medications, therapies, and/or otc products our clients provide including the hot new Freestyle Libre.

With our Diabetic Leads and Live Transfers (Hot Transfers) you will experience:

  • Call verified patients with confirmed interest
  • Guaranteed exclusivity
  • Guaranteed quality with our 10-day return policy
  • Seamless integration with your sales process and CRM
  • Lead Generation that exceeds TCPA, CASL, CMS, and HIPAA requirements

Connect with us now to learn how we can give you the competitive edge your company needs to be more successful in the ever expanding diabetic supply and drug market.